Hi! I'm Daniel Borgström.

A Fullstack developer student. From early years I have always been interested in programming and tech. After working 12 years at a tech company I decided that I would pursue my dream. And here I am - a good collaborator with high-level communication and problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. 

Daniel Borgström

My projects

Euro 2021

Euro 2021 betting built in Laravel with Livewire and Alpinejs


Word typing speed test created for Komplett.se for Dreamhack built in javascript.

Pinball inspired by the nostalgic Space Cadet 3D Pinball from Microsoft built with Phaser 3 and MatterJS.

Cocktail App

Cocktail app built with React.

Event invitation

Scroll based event invitation for a fictional event built with HTML, CSS and GSAP.

Hacker News

Project inspired by Hacker News built with Laravel.